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Why should I try to secure my data?

  By Aris Medical Solutions With all of the large data breaches making the news many smaller organizations think why bother. If the large companies can’t keep their data save, there is no way I can. Keep in mind, large organizations are a huge target and their data is sought after on a grander scale. […]
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Mobile Devices in Healthcare

  By Aris Medical Solutions (Taken from OCR Cybersecurity Newsletter 10/31/17 – Mobile Devices in Healthcare) Mobile devices, including cellphones, tablets, and laptops, are increasingly ubiquitous in many work environments – including healthcare organizations. The use of mobile devices in the workplace can be convenient and productive, but organizations should realize the risks associated with […]
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Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Self Reporting – Should you do it?

  By Aris Medical Solutions   If you have a minor breach (under 500 records) you are required to self report this breach within 60 days after the end of the calendar year in which the disclosure occurred. If you report it, you run the risk of being investigated. So many times I hear organizations […]
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Cyber Security – how to prepare!

  By Aris Medical Solutions   Cyber attacks are on the rise in healthcare, and are one of the leading cause of data breaches. Disgruntled employees are another and patients that believe their information has been compromised round out the top three. Although nothing is 100% secure, there are a few simple things you can […]
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USB flash drives are a huge risk in healthcare!

  By Aris Medical Solutions   So… you find a flash drive and you want to be a good Samaritan and return it to its rightful owner. Great idea, right? Criminals know this and they use it against us! They want our data! Malware and viruses can be installed on a flash drive. When you […]
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Websites – is your data secure?

  By Aris Medical Solutions   Many healthcare providers have websites, since in today’s digital age nearly everyone searches for goods and services before making a decision, this includes healthcare. However, healthcare providers must ensure their websites are HIPAA compliant if any patient data is transferred or accepted. Many vendors are targeting healthcare with promises […]
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File sharing and cloud computing, is it permitted under HIPAA?

  By Aris Medical Solutions   With all of the new technology that we have access to, many vendors are targeting healthcare with promises of ease of use and the ability to communicate with other healthcare providers. Before you agree to “share” or open your “portal” you must ensure the vendor or service you are […]
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How to protect yourself from Ransomware

  By Aris Medical Solutions   This is actually easier said than done. However, there are some simple tips you can use to help guard yourself against this cyber warfare. First of all let’s discuss what is Ransomware and why are these criminals doing this? Ransomware is when an invader takes over your computer and […]
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Have you “Googled” yourself lately?

  By Aris Medical Solutions   Modern technology is both amazing and scary! Do you know what is being said about you or your organization? In today’s world we must keep up with what is being said on the World Wide Web (WWW) to make sure what the world sees and reads is not Fake […]
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Phishing Scams are hitting everyone!

  By Aris Medical Solutions   Nearly everyone has received a phishing email at one time or another. It seems like every time a celebrity makes the news, scammers are sending emails, and creating fake sites to steal your information. They prey on our interests and they know that many people are interested in learning […]
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Is it time review your Policies and Procedures?

  By Aris Medical Solutions   As you know you HIPAA Compliance is not a once and done process. It continually changes and evolves as your organization grows and your technology changes. This is a reminder to review what you have in place to ensure it still adequately safeguards your data. Here are some quick […]
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Patient Data is a Hot Commodity

  By Aris Medical Solutions   Health care organizations are now a primary target since they are the custodians of patient data and a plethora of information. The reason patient information is sought after so much is because it can be sold on the black market for a decent price. Social Security Numbers also have […]
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Phone Scams- Just hang up!

  By Aris Medical Solutions   We have been trained to be polite. When someone asks us a question, we are compelled to answer. Sometimes, you just need to HANG UP! A new scam is making headlines now because they are recording your answer to use in the future. For example, when someone calls and […]
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1557 Discrimination Law – is your practice at risk?

By Aris Medical Solutions Section 1557 is the nondiscrimination provision of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The law prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability in certain health programs or activities. Section 1557 builds on longstanding and familiar Federal civil rights laws: Title VI of the Civil Rights […]
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DynA-Crypt Ransomware is worse than the others!

  By Aris Medical Solutions   Karsten Hahn who is a GData malware analyst discovered this ransomware called DynA-Crypt. Larry Abrams at Bleepingcomputer alerted the world about this new type of ransomware. Thanks to them, we know about this and must be diligent in protecting our information. This new strain is even more dangerous and […]
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Default passwords- why you need to change them!

  By Aris Medical Solutions   Home security cameras and baby monitors are making the news again about being hacked. This is nothing new, we have been telling people for years to change the default passwords on ALL your technology devices. Anyone can Google your device or IP address and they can get your default […]
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Background Check Requirements

  By Aris Medical Solutions   The state of Indiana expanded the requirements for background checks to include national criminal history checks on employees and owners of home healthcare and personal services facilities. The previous law required only a limited criminal history check. A limited criminal history contains only felonies and class A misdemeanor arrests […]
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Healthcare is a huge target!

  By Aris Medical Solutions   Things may seem wonderful since a new year is beginning; please don’t forget that many things remain the same. For instance… Healthcare is targeted in many ways. Do your employees know how to spot a phishing email or a potential virus? Most phishing expeditions and viruses are delivered right […]
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It’s not just HIPAA, think about the FTC!

By Aris Medical Solutions All of you know and follow the HIPAA regulations, but you also need to make sure you follow the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines as well. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released an article explaining about the requirements. HIPAA involves the Privacy of an individual and FTC Act […]
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HIPAA Policies – What you really need!

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