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HIPAA Enforcement is HERE!

  By Aris Medical Solutions I am sure you have seen the recent HIPAA fines from the Office for Civil Rights (OCR). HIPAA enforcement is like never before and the fines are fierce. We knew this day would come and it has. We are encouraging all medical practices and business associates to make sure you […]
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Storing Patient Records

  By Aris Medical Solutions   Since most medical practices are going electronic, it may be time to free up some of that precious space in your office. Make sure when, how, and where you decided to store your data is secure. Some practices move excess patient charts to a self storage unit. It’s cheap […]
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When was the last time you updated your passwords on all internet sites?

  By Aris Medical Solutions   News broke that LinkedIn user account credentials were dumped on the dark web. Back in 2012 is when the actually breach occurred, but now the data has surfaced for sale. Although LinkedIn has taken reasonable advances to mitigate this problem, you still need to protect yourself as well. What […]
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OCR clarifies amount that can be charged for copies of PHI

  By Aris Medical Solutions   The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) announced the clarification in the Fact Sheet they released earlier this year. The maximum amount that can be charged for patients that request a copy of their Protected Health Information (PHI) under the right of access is not $6.50. Rather, charging a flat […]
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Do you have your ALL of your Business Associate Agreements in place?

  By Aris Medical Solutions   The Omnibus Rule that became effective March 26, 2013 was a game changer in many ways. One area was requiring Covered Entities to ensure that Business Associate Agreements (BAA) were in place with all of their business partners by September 23, 2013. If a Covered Entity had agreements already […]
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Phishing & Piracy Reminders

  By Aris Medical Solutions   Most people try to do their best to avoid phishing scams but sometimes we do not even know it is happening! For instance, criminals could be reading your emails to find out who you are, who you talk to, but more importantly… who you do NOT talk to. This […]
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Small Medical Practices are Huge Targets!

  By Aris Medical Solutions   Many organizations have the attitude that they are too small to be a target for a data breach. Just because you don’t hear about small and medium sized practices being targeted doesn’t mean it is not happening. Most medical practices are busy treating patients and are not aware of […]
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