Two factor vs Two Step Authentications

By Aris Medical Solutions

HIPAA Username and Password

Sometimes these terms are interchanged which is is not exactly correct. Let us explain the difference!

Two factor authentication is typically a username AND a password. This can also be explained as who you are and something you know.

Two step is using two different types of authentication like a username and password PLUS a one time code that is text to your phone. Some providers permit the use of a fingerprint to authorize the second step.

The use of a security word is also used as a second step type of authentication so you need to be very careful about posting any type of personal information on social media. Aris suggests when the security question asks for your mother’s maiden name, make up a name! Just don’t forget what name you used!

No matter what type of the second step authentication that is offered, it is best to select whatever is offered because although a username and password is the most common type of authentication, it is also easily compromised.

People who work within the Health Care sector are heavily targeted since the type of data they access is very valuable on the dark web. Anyone who works with patient information or for a company that provides services to a medical facility can be targeted. Again, special care must be taken to ensure that patient information is not compromised.

First step in protecting patient data is conducting a HIPAA Security Risk Analysis. Know where your data is and understand how to protect it. Secondly, make sure you have a full set of Privacy and Security Policies and Procedures. Members of your staff need to know how important protecting patient data is and understand what they need to do to accomplish this.

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