7 Simple-Steps to HIPAA Compliance

Security Risk Analysis

Our Security Risk Analysis includes a thorough review of your Administrative, Physical, and Technical Safeguards you have in place to protect Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI). A Gap Analysis, which identifies threats and your level of risk against those threats. Plus a Risk Management Plan, which is a step by step guide explaining how to mitigate identified vulnerabilities and we include a Calendar of Events to keep you on track.

Contingency Planteaching_partners

Contingency Plan –  a guide designed to help you create an action plan in case of emergencies or disasters. This includes: a Data Backup Plan, Disaster Recovery Plan, and an Emergency Mode Operation Plan.

Breach Notification Plan

Breach Notification Plan – explains what a data breach is and what to do in case of a breach whether it is less than or more than 500 patient records.


Privacy and Security Documentation – including your Notice of Privacy Practices and your Business Associate Agreement. Documentation is the key to HIPAA compliance. We have included all the forms needed to meet the Privacy and Security Rule requirements.

Privacy Policies and Procedures

Privacy Policies and Procedures –  including HIPAA Privacy Training. Even though the Security Rule doesn’t specifically outline the Privacy requirements, we noticed most organizations had not updated their Privacy Policies and Procedures, so we include them as well.

Security Policies and Procedures

Security Policies and Procedures – including HIPAA Security Training. The Security Rule requires over 60 Policies and Procedures to be addressed. Some are required, while others are addressable. Keep in mind addressable does not mean optional, so we have included all of them.

Resources and Solutions

Resources and Solutions. We have done a lot of research on each of the requirements. We have included that research in our package to help educate our clients when implementing the security measures in their organizations. HIPAA is more complicated than it was and we have a group of associates that are available to assist our clients with their needs.

One area that sets us apart from other companies is our ongoing HIPAA support. We are here to help guide you through the compliance process. If you would like more information about Aris Medical Solutions 7 Simple-Steps to HIPAA Compliance call 877.659.2467 or contact us

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