RIPlace technique allows malware to bypass anti-malware programs

HIPAA Ransomware

By Suze Shaffer

HIPAA Ransomware

Like we don’t have enough to worry about, now this!

Security researchers are saying this new technique is effective even against systems that are patched and run anti-virus scans. This process allows ransomware to encrypt files on Windows based systems. The way most ransomware gets into our systems is by unsuspecting users or hi-jacked user credentials. Of course it can happen from a disgruntled employee as well. Once this happens, the ransomware opens and reads an original file, then deletes or destroys the original by encrypting it. Within a short amount of time the hacker can invade your systems and crawl through your entire network. Taking everything down and literally destroying your livelihood.. Of course, there is more to this and if you want, you can research this. The main reason why I wanted to share this with you is because… as I have said many times, employees are your first line of defense! Well educated employees can prevent this from happening in your organization. Here is what you need to do TODAY to prevent a data breach:

  1. Remind every user of your system that the computers are for business purposes ONLY. Clicking on infected websites can infect your network.
  2. Remind users do not click on any links or attachments that are not expected even if it comes from someone they know.
  3. Do not permit anyone access to your systems without confirming their identity. This includes service providers. If you do not have an appointment, call and verify the person is still employed there.
  4. Remove user access for terminated employees IMMEDIATELY. Before terminating a person, have this process set and ready.
  5. Conduct a criminal background check on ALL new hires. This needs to be included in your employee manual, and state that a background check can be performed at anytime during their employment.
  6. Contact a network security professional and have them run an audit on your system. This will ensure you do not have any open ports or vulnerabilities.
  7. Be sure to have a backup of your system that is NOT connected to your network.

I know I have said this in the past, but I have to say it again… The World Wide Web (WWW) is the new Wild Wild West, the difference is, danger is invisible until it is too late. Be careful out there.

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About Suze Shaffer

Suze Shaffer is the owner and president of Aris Medical Solutions. She specializes in HIPAA compliance, risk management, and cyber security. She believes that by educating her clients in understanding why and what needs to be done to protect their practice they have a better outcome.

Suze has been instrumental in helping clients nationwide with risk management, implementing privacy and security rule policies and procedures, and ultimately protecting patient data. She includes state and federal regulatory requirements to ensure clients are protected in all areas.

She has spoken at numerous conferences and functions. She continues to educate organizations how to minimize the risks of data breaches. HIPAA compliance is not an option, it is mandatory for every organization that comes in contact with protected health information to have reasonable and appropriate security measures in place. Unfortunately, most organizations don’t realize they are not compliant until they suffer a data breach or they are faced with an audit or investigation.

Did you know that the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) is the agency that investigates data breaches? Have you seen the heavy fines that have been imposed for non-compliance?

All 50 states now have their own set of privacy laws and the State's Attorney General may also investigate privacy violations!

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