DynA-Crypt Ransomware is worse than the others!


By Aris Medical Solutions


Karsten Hahn who is a GData malware analyst discovered this ransomware called DynA-Crypt. Larry Abrams at Bleepingcomputer alerted the world about this new type of ransomware. Thanks to them, we know about this and must be diligent in protecting our information.

This new strain is even more dangerous and destructive than the others. This malware not only encrypts your data, but also takes screenshots of your active desktop, login commands that you type, and even records system sounds from your computer. It will even steal information from Skype and Chrome. While this vicious attack is encrypting your computer, stealing your information, it is also deleting your files.

This would be considered a major HIPAA data breach and not only will you lose everything, you will have to report this to your State and Federal authorities under the Breach Notification Laws.

Make sure your anti-virus and anti-malware is up to date and verify it is an enterprise version. Although this is not specifically stated under HIPAA, it is considered reasonable and appropriate. If you never have this happen to you, the HIPAA Police is not going to penalize you. However, if this does affect your practice or organization and you do not have reasonable and appropriate safeguards in place, you will be fined and penalized.

Everyone in your organization should be made aware of this new attack and remind them NOT open any file attachments OR click on any links in ANY email unless you are absolutely sure it is safe. Best practices is to open your browser and go directly to the company’s website to check on anything you receive in an email. Also be VERY careful trusting emails from friends. If YOUR email is hacked, they will spoof a name in your contact list and send an email back to YOU. They hope that since you know this person you will open the email. If you receive an email that asks you to click on a link or open a file, look carefully at the FULL email address, more than likely is NOT your friends email. Keep in mind, it still could come from their actual email address. Always call or text them and ask if they sent this to you.

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About Suze Shaffer

Suze Shaffer is the owner and president of Aris Medical Solutions. She specializes in HIPAA compliance, risk management, and cyber security. She believes that by educating her clients in understanding why and what needs to be done to protect their practice they have a better outcome.

Suze has been instrumental in helping clients nationwide with risk management, implementing privacy and security rule policies and procedures, and ultimately protecting patient data. She includes state and federal regulatory requirements to ensure clients are protected in all areas.

She has spoken at numerous conferences and functions. She continues to educate organizations how to minimize the risks of data breaches. HIPAA compliance is not an option, it is mandatory for every organization that comes in contact with protected health information to have reasonable and appropriate security measures in place. Unfortunately, most organizations don’t realize they are not compliant until they suffer a data breach or they are faced with an audit or investigation.

Did you know that the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) is the agency that investigates data breaches? Have you seen the heavy fines that have been imposed for non-compliance?

All 50 states now have their own set of privacy laws and the State's Attorney General may also investigate privacy violations!

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