How to download my Risk Management Plan?

There are two ways to download your Risk Management Plan.


Option One:

Go to Step 1, 

Click on the Security Risk Analysis & Risk Management link,

Click on Review & Approve,

Once the Risk Management Plan loads (may take a few moments since it is a large file), using the outside scroll bar, scroll to the bottom and click download.

Option Two:

Download the zip file with all of your documents:

From your dashboard,

Scroll down and on the left look for "Download Documents"

On the right you will see the list of packages that have been generated.

Once you click the Download icon, this will create a Zip file.

Most of the time these files are directed to your “Downloads” folder in your Windows Explorer Directory unless your IT vendor has directed the download to a server or elsewhere.

Once you locate your file, simply right click on the folder and select Extract All.

All of your files will unzip.

Go to Step 1. This is where your Risk Management Plan is located.

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