How to add the inventory list?

Inventory tab is located on your Profile page.

You will have a choice of entering the information individually or via a spreadsheet. This list will become important when it is time to retire a piece of equipment. You will be able to see which devices had ePHI located on them and how to properly dispose of them. We recommend that even if the device only “accessed” ePHI to dispose of them in the same manner to ensure ePHI was not accidently saved on the device. 

Entering individually: Click on the Add Device. Enter as much information as you can. You can always come back and additional information. 

Entering via Spreadsheet: First you will download the spreadsheet. Some columns have specific formatting requirements, so be sure to read the top columns carefully. 


Keep in mind, the more complete you are in the beginning, the less you will have to add later.

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