Scammers never sleep

Scammers are always busy trying different tactics to get to your wallet. During holidays is no different. Bad actors use the holidays and people’s goodwill to fool them into giving. Be careful of offers that are too good to be true, and only shop on reputable sites. Some emails look legitimate, and you must look closely at them to see that they ... Read More »

15th Dec 2022
OCR issues Bulletin with HIPAA Requirements for Online Tracking

The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has issued a bulletin to remind covered entities and business associates of their obligations under HIPAA when using online tracking technology. These technologies include but are not limited to Google Analytics, Meta Pixel, Cookies, and QR codes. Cover entities regularly share electronic protected health ... Read More »

9th Dec 2022
Can a medical practitioner be sued over a HIPAA Violation or Data Breach?

With so many data breaches in the news many medical practitioners are asking if they can be sued over HIPAA violations or from a data breach. HIPAA rules state there is no private right of action, therefore, a patient cannot sue for a HIPAA violation. With that said, it is possible if there were privacy violations under state law, legal action ... Read More »

1st Dec 2022
Can a medical provider accept a cash payment when a patient has insurance?

The Omnibus rule, also known as the “Final” rule changed HIPAA in many ways. It gave HIPAA teeth and included business associates as being liable under the HIPAA rules. I thought most medical providers had been made aware of the many changes, but it has come to my attention that many are not. This article we will discuss one of the confusing ... Read More »

17th Nov 2022
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