How to add Business Associates?

Business Associates tab is located under your Profile page.

You will have a choice of entering the information individually or via a spreadsheet. We will need the name of their HIPAA Compliance Officer and their email address to process a DocuSign business associate agreement. NOTE: Large organizations such as your EHR company will not sign our BA agreement since they have one prepared by their legal team and more than likely is included in your contract.

Adding individually: Click on the Add Business Associate button. Some fields you will select from the available fields and other areas are free text. You will be able to upload an existing business associate agreement and any service agreements you already have. 

Adding via Spreadsheet: You will need to download the spreadsheet first. Read the column headers carefully as some fields have certain available options, while others are a free text.

Once you have completed Step 5 - Business Associates, you will be able to send them a DocuSign agreement through the system. You also have the option of downloading a Word format document and printing a copy.  

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