How to add additional locations?

When you initially signed up you created your first location. Since this is your billing information, it may be necessary to add the actual location of the organization.  Or, you may need to add additional locations.

Under your Profile page, you can add your website address, Facebook, and Instagram accounts if you like. From time to time our HIPAA analysts will review your pages and make recommendations.

To add additional locations, click the “Add location” button. We suggest adding a label to each location, the default setting is the street address. You may change this to a just the city or street name if you like. This is helpful when adding employees that work at different locations. If you have certain employees that “float” from one location to another, you can add a location labeled “Multiple Locations” or another name of your choice.

You will be asked if this the primary location. Once that has been designated, the rest of the locations will not be primary.

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