How to check the OIG (Office of Inspector General) exclusions list?

OIG Exclusions list

It is very important to make sure you do not hire anyone that has committed Medicare or Medicaid fraud or been convicted of elder abuse. Be sure to check this list before you hire new employees. This link is located in the Employee (Workforce) Clearance Checklist.

  • The database only includes the name known to OIG at the time the individual was excluded, any former names used by the individual (e.g., maiden name, previous married name, etc.) should be searched in addition to the individual's current name.
  • An individual with a hyphenated name should be checked under each of the last names in the hyphenated name (e.g., Jane Smith-Jones should be checked under Jane Smith and Jane Jones, in addition to Jane Smith-Jones).
  • If checking only a few names, use the Online Searchable Database to search up to five names at once.
  • If checking many names, consider downloading the Downloadable Database into a spreadsheet or database program. This will enable the user to use that program's search functions to crosscheck the names against the thousands of names on the LEIE. Verify the correct spelling of any names before starting a search.
  • For a potential match, verify the results by entering the SSN for an individual or EIN for an entity on the Online Searchable Database. (Note: The Privacy Act prohibits the distribution of SSNs so they cannot be included in the Downloadable Database).


The OIG would like to you check this list monthly, but that is very difficult to keep up with. We recommend checking annually for all employees. With that said, if you have an employee that is acting strange or is having financial difficulties, it is suggested to check this list more often.

To document your efforts, use the “Print Screen” button on your keyboard, then “paste” into a Word Document.

NOTE: When naming your files BEFORE you upload load them, we suggest starting each file with a date.

For example: 010122 OIG Smith Mary New hire or 060122 OIG Annual report

Click on the Upload tab from your Profile page and select the OIG exclusions list. Select the file from your computer to upload.

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