How to add employees

How to add employees?

Employees tab is located on your Profile page.

You may access this page by scrolling down the left side until you locate “Employees” under the Profile section.

Near the top of the page, you will see “Add New”.

You have the choice of entering employees individually (Add New) or by downloading a spreadsheet (Import) so you can upload multiple employees at one time.

Adding individually: Click on the “Add New” button. Some fields you will select from the available fields and other areas are free text.

Adding via Spreadsheet: You will need to download the spreadsheet first, click on “Import” to download the spreadsheet. Read the column headers carefully as some fields have certain available options, while others are a free text.


If you have less than 25 employees, most practices enter employees individually. You are not required to complete all the information at once. However, the more information you enter in the beginning the less you will need to update. 

All employees must have an email address for them to sign the Employee (Workforce) Confidentiality and Acceptable Use agreement and have them take the HIPAA training that is included. 

Complete as much as you can, but you can always come back and complete later.

Below are some helpful hints when setting up your employees.


When assigning “Titles” for policies please note, that you must select who will be responsible for approving policies.

“HIPAA Compliance Officer” is responsible for signing privacy and security policies.


“Privacy Officer” is responsible for signing privacy policies.


“Security Officer” is responsible for signing security policies.

You may assign other titles for your information, CEO, Owner, and “Other” is what you will use for all others, such as, physician, medical assistant, front desk, billing, etc.


Level of access to ePHI:

Level 1 none – No access to ePHI

Level 2 – Minimum necessary to ePHI to complete assigned tasks in the Designated Record Set (front desk)

Level 3 – Access to Medical Record and Designated Record set (billing, clinicians)

Level 4 – Full Access to the Medical Record, Designated Record Set, and Business Office File (management, owners, billing)

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