How to access the HIPAA compliance system?

Instructions on log-in and profile

Each time you log-in, you will be taken to the billing side of the system. This is where you may change your credit card information, view invoices, open a support ticket, and schedule an online training session if you need additional help. You may click on “open a support ticket” when you are in the 7-Steps side of the system if you have a question. Of course, we are available via phone, text, and email as well.

After you log-in, you will click on the 7-Steps Dashboard written in green to open the HIPAA Compliance side of the system.

This is where you will see your status and where you left off. Down the left side are quick links in case you want to skip to your profile, employees, business associates, inventory, and where your other HIPAA documentation uploads are located.

You will also notice a Download Documents tab. Everything is stored within the system, once you complete your HIPAA compliance package, it is recommended to create a download. To generate a download, click on "Download Documents". Once you click on this page, in the center, click on +Generate New Package. This may take a couple of minutes. Each time you add or terminate employees, update your inventory, change policies, or conduct a new risk analysis, you should “generate a new package”.  This is your documentation of your on-going compliance efforts safely secured in our cloud system. You may also download the package to a local hard drive. Then you may select which policies to place on a shared drive for employees. This is a convenient method to share your policies and procedures with your staff without the need to print a binder. You may print your package if you prefer.

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