How do you store my credit card information?

We do not store any credit card numbers or CCV codes.  Upon initial payment for your 7-Step subscription, we store a "token" of your card for future payments using our secure "tokenized payment gateway" provided by, a world leader in payment gateway services.  Such tokens are worthless to bad actors, hackers, and thieves in the unlikely event that the token is breached or compromised.

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Do you only accept credit and debit cards?

In most cases yes, we require a credit/debit card for monthly or annual billing.  We accept Visa,...

How do I pay my bill?

Upon completion of your initial 7-Step subscription order, your card will be charged...

Is there a limit on the number of office locations we can enter into your platform?

There is no limit to the number of locations you can add into our 7-Step platform.

How do I change my login credentials?

Aris' 7-Step HIPAA platform is a two-part system. The email address and password that was used...