How do I pay my bill?

Upon completion of your initial 7-Step subscription order, your card will be charged automatically on your due date each month (or yearly if you signed up for annual payments.) You may cancel your subscription at anytime by providing us with a 30 day written or email cancellation notice.

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Do you only accept credit and debit cards?

In most cases yes, we require a credit/debit card for monthly or annual billing.  We accept Visa,...

How do you store my credit card information?

We do not store any credit card numbers or CCV codes.  Upon initial payment for your 7-Step...

Is there a limit on the number of office locations we can enter into your platform?

There is no limit to the number of locations you can add into our 7-Step platform.

How do I change my login credentials?

Aris' 7-Step HIPAA platform is a two-part system. The email address and password that was used...